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Membership Site,

Featuring ability to Register, Log-in and Log -out and View or Update profile information, and more. This will give our members and directors access to their data, and ability to update it and provide us with the details to confirm their eligibility for membership.


Member Registration

Members Register by clicking Register in the menu and entering all of their data and choosing a strong password.

They confirm their emails and passwords and give some optional information and a confirmation e-mail is sent to their e-mail address. 



·       The forms in this website use ReCaptcha, and data is buffered and filtered to ensure valid data only.

·       The registration form uses a plugin which automatically determines and displays the strength of the password.

·       The confirm password is checked automatically upon typing, to see if it matches.

·       The system will check to make sure the e-mail address is unique to our database, once submitted. 

·       They must accept the terms of use to register. 

·       Dates are validated and deleted if they are invalid.

·       Datepicker (Calendar menu) is provided for ease of choosing dates.

·       They cannot register if they are under the age of 13. They need to have a parent register them.

·       The user must click the link in their e-mail, to access their account.

·       Some data like birthday, gender is not able to be edited by the member.

·       Members can add their address, or remove them.

·       Members can add card photos, which are automatically cropped to the correct size for membership cards.

·       Members are able to update their phone numbers, their bio and their interests.

·       Adult users can also add children to their account, when they are signed in, via their members details page. 

o    They are directed to the registration form, which displays fields specific to children.

o    Removes the password, as underage members do not have login attached to it.

o    The parent types out their name as consent to register the child.

o    The child, and the parent accounts will have an area in the member details page to link to each other’s account.

o    The parent will be able to view their child’s account as if it were their own.

·       Membership Administrators are special account types, that can view member list, on their opening page after login. They can update fields in the Members account which the user cannot access their self, such as birthday and gender. A special super user is the only type that can create Membership Administrators.

·       For administration initiated, registration, once complete will send an email to the email address provided.

·       A member can go to a page if they forgot their password, an email link will be sent to them, with a page, where they can reset their password.

·       If the user is not activated by email, or is logging in from a new IP address they will be told to reactivate their account, and an email link will be sent to their email address, which they will need to click to access their account again.

Conditional Menu Items:

Login & Register can only be seen if not logged in.

Logout & Member Page can only be seen if logged in.

Additional feature:

When we create members, we also create WordPress users, and therefore they can comment on pages and use other features of WordPress, if they are signed in.

Development details:

Over 200 hours of development time.


Features that can each be implemented with relatively little development in the future:

(Estimated times included in brackets)


·       Uploading documents, for ancestry and identification. (5-10 hours)

·       Filtering and displaying lists of members with more detailed information. (5 hours)

·       Automate card generation. (30 hours)

·       Formal process for requesting a new card issuance. (20 hours)

·       Send mass emails with custom fields for each member. (4 hours)

·       Implement voting, through the membership system. (30 hours)

·       Creating a page for Board members that automatically populate bio and profile image from member profile. (3-4 hours)

·       Social Media Pages for updates. (2 hours)


For security:

Installed SSL on, uses ReCaptcha plugin to stop robots. Uses plugins to scan for site changes.

I have implemented a Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy created as well.



Data 100% Métis Owned.

Website Canadian hosted.

Code provided by Métis Developer. 



My objective is to help the Métis people reclaim control of their own data.

With this system, already we can allow our users to share their important membership data with us online,

in a place that will not be easily lost. It can be periodically backed up on the server space provided with the hosting plan for the website. 

We will be able to allow the members to change certain information and restrict other fields and customize the development of the site over time to match the needs of our nation.


It is time we as a people reclaim our stories through reclaiming our data.

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